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Australia is famous for its dangerous fauna. It is home to the world’s 10 most dangerous snakes, a variety of #.1. ______ spiders, enormous crocodiles and huge flightless birds – ostriches or cassowaries – that can apparently knock a man down with one kick.

However, these species don’t show off their life-threatening abilities. The inland taipan is the most dangerous snake on the planet, yet nobody has ever died from its bite. The saltwater crocodile is the world’s largest reptile, with males growing up to seven metres #.2. ______

length, yet fatal attacks on humans occur less than once per year. Funnel-web spiders are certainly poisonous, but claim fewer than one victim a year. #.3. ______ are cassowaries met, let alone seen assaulting anyone.

#.4. ______, almost every Australian animal described as dangerous is actually shy andretiring. Mosquitoes are the obvious exception – nevertheless, malaria #.5. ______ in Australia, and mosquito-borne diseases probably kill as few as five people a year.

The most dangerous animal in Australia is probably the human. About 19 million of them #.6. ______ here, and they are particularly dangerous behind the wheel of a car – 1,600people are killed and 22,000 injured in traffic accidents every year. The bush is the safest place to be.

adapted from Wildlife, June 2010